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Andriy Sheiko hails from a small town called Brovary near to the capital of Ukraine, Kiev. Andriy was only 15 when his hometown started showing an interest towards electronic music. He found himself indulging in techno and began to start mixing with computers, then later moving onto turntables.


At 17 years old Andriy started DJ’ing in nightclubs under the nickname “HERTZ”, and for a short time he became resident in some of the best clubs in Brovary. He also participated in various youth festivals, open-air, and big events connected with underground music. This led HERTZ onto being a headline act in all the top nightclubs across the Ukraine.


The following year, HERTZ continued to be in high demand. During his time travelling, he found himself enjoying the different characteristics of urban nightlife, playing at different times in different clubs, meaning that Hertz didn’t pigeonhole himself into one genre. His sound was widely accepted with more people falling in love with the flow of his sets and the tight melodic beats.


Creating new sounds in the techno sphere and pushing his label 'Lethal Dose' under his new alias “Hertzman”, Andriy is a young producer who is full of new ideas with no simplicity to his sound.