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Yo Montero Creepy Finger Records

Yo Montero

Born in 1984 in the French Pyrenees, Yo Montero lives a passion for electronic music and naturally turned to music production and mixing. After playing as a resident DJ in French clubs, he teamed up with Ian Cris in 2009. They collaborated on EPs for different recognised labels, Wet Call EP in particular proved popular with a majority of Techno artists. Together they performed in several clubs until 2012.

Now pursuing a solo career, he has signed with labels such as Frucht, Monocline, Hex, Divided, Nulabel, Qilla , Konstrukt, Sui Generiz, and Krad. Often featuring on the playlists of top international DJ's, like his work for Creepy Finger which has been played by Marco Carola, Miro Pajic and Marco Bailey to name a few. Influenced by Minimal and Techno rhythms, his dark and groovy musical touch is regularly part of several podcast series from Reaktor, Greenbox, Syncforward, TechnoPoetry, and more.